Immeasurable Benefits

With no disrespect to the gravity of those who were affected in legal indiscretions years ago, in my humble opinion Scouting provides immeasurable benefits to the Scouts and Adult Leaders and plays a vital part in our communities. The training, programs, camps, and merit badges all deliver personal & fundamental safety, skills, and character which would not be provided by the transient society and electronic communication interfaces which now permeate and undermine our true neighborhood support networks.

Note: I was not a Scout in my youth but have seen tangible results as Assistant Scoutmaster for 7 years, Troop Chair of STEM and Cybersafety, member of Order of the Arrow (Scouting’s Honor Society), and member of Wood Badge specialized leadership training. Camping at Wood Badge, I wrote a short article which ended by saying that:
these motivated volunteers are the people I want near.

Karl Frank of PALATINE