Our Mission to Save Scouting

Here’s the unvarnished truth – the Boy Scouts of America is fighting for survival.

For a host of reasons – the abuse litigation, the pandemic, and societal trends – this long-respected organization, that for more than a century has:

  • Played such an important role in American culture,
  • Provided a clear and compelling set of personal values to live by,
  • Shaped the lives and destinies of millions of young men and women,

…may no longer be available for you, for your family, or for future generations. 

Our grassroots organization, called Why Scouting Matters, is working to keep that from happening.

If you believe in Scouting as strongly as we do, this may be our last opportunity to help save the organization that has long served as a positive influence on our lives, our families, our communities and our nation.

Help us to save Scouting. Our strength lies in the number of people who are willing to step up right now.

Here’s how you can help:

How We Intend to Save Scouting

Our plan for Why Scouting Matters is very simple.

We believe that:

  • The benefits of Scouting since 1910 – both to the nation and to many millions of Scouts –  are significant. Our nation needs to understand and appreciate the importance of Scouting.
  • Those who believe that Scouting is worth saving need to step up right now by signing our petition and telling their stories. We will use that public support to promote Scouting at national and local levels.

“Why Scouting Matters” intends to:

We’re calling on all current and former Scouts, Scouters, family members and community leaders to help us demonstrate the importance of Scouting.

If Scouting has had a positive impact on your life, your family, or community…help us to rekindle interest in Scouting. Help us save Scouting for future generations.

Join our cause and please share this website with other like-minded individuals and organizations.