Why Scouting Stories Matter

We need to harness to power of real Scouting stories. We need stories that provide real-life examples of how and why Scouting has benefited your life, the lives of others, or your community.

We’re not looking for award winning essays or long sagas. Just brief, straightforward accounts and testimonials that will help non-Scouters, and potential new Scouts, to understand and appreciate the experiences you’ve had, and lessons you’ve learned. 

When you share your story, your name and hometown will be visible on the website. Your email will NOT be visible on the website, and will not be used for any other purpose.

Scout’s honor. 

How to Share Your Story

If you’re willing to share a story related to your Scouting experience, here’s what you need to know:

For our stories to be credible, they must be associated with a real person’s name and hometown. No “anonymous” contributions will be published. You’ll need to sign our petition, or provide your email address with your story, so that we can validate authenticity. (Your email addresses will NOT be published.)

There will not be any “Comment” or rating functions associated with stories we collect. We’re not interested in having detractors or anonymous individuals engage in an online debate, or attempt to diminish the value of your story.

Keep your story to a reasonable length. Ideally, well under 500 words. Otherwise, we may need to edit your story.

We know there are negative stories associated with Scouting. We respect the validity of those stories, but we will not publish them. Our mission is to showcase the overwhelming number of positive experiences Scouting has delivered.

Please share your Scouting story below.

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Real Scouting Stories

Here are real stories that demonstrate Why Scouting Matters, shared by people who believe that the organization needs to be saved.

If you’ve been involved with Scouting, directly or indirectly, these accounts may inspire you to tell your own story.

If you’re a parent, youth, or community leader with no experience in Scouting, these stories will provide you with greater insight into how and why so many people have benefitted from the Scouting experience.

Scouting Stories in the News

Keep up with the news, events and writings about Scouting around the world.