Why Scouting Matters was launched in 2021 by Jim Pooley and Michael S. Malone, who were later joined by Gordon G. Andrew – three Eagle Scouts and lifelong Scouters who’ve recognized the dire situation of the Boy Scouts of America. In response, they have dedicated themselves – without seeking compensation or recognition – to doing whatever they can to ensure that future generations benefit from Scouting as they did.

This is truly a grassroots movement. This initiative is not funded by, staffed or influenced in any respect by the Boy Scouts of America. In fact, one compelling reason why this movement is important is Scouting has not been allowed to aggressively defend or promote itself over the past several months, as a result of legal and financial restrictions related to its current situation.

In addition to this effort to generate endorsements and to collect stories that can be leveraged to present a more balanced and equitable public understanding of Scouting, Jim, Michael and Gordon are currently seeking Advisory Board members who are willing to devote their time, insights and influence to save Scouting. 

If you’re interested in joining as an Advisory Board member please contact us via the contact button below.

Gordon G. Andrew

Eagle Scout and Lifelong Scouter

Gordon is a NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout. He has served in several leadership positions at the unit level, and on the executive boards of two New Jersey councils; including Patriots’ Path Council, where he is a member of its Eagle Scout Hall of Fame.

Jim Pooley

Jim Pooley

Eagle Scout and Pacific Skyline Council President

Jim has been deeply involved in Scouting his entire life. A Report to the Nation Scout and Vigil member of the OA, he has served as a member of the National Advisory Council and is a Silver Beaver and a Baden-Powell Fellow.

Mike Malone

Mike S. Malone

Eagle Scout and Author of “Four Percent”

Mike is a NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout, Distinguished Eagle Scout and Silver Beaver who currently serves on the board of the Silicon Valley Monterey Council. He has also delivered the annual Eagle Scout Day address at the BSA Museum and emceed the Americanism Breakfast at the National Meeting.