Scouting’s Next Generation

In 1957, I eagerly became a Cub Scout, following my Dad on the Scouting trail. Sixty four years later, I am still Scouting, and I can’t imagine what my life would have been like without this movement. Forty one of those years were spent serving Scouting full time, literally from New York to California. My son and daughter each worked on camp staff for seven years and Scouting values are at their cores as well. Now each has a Cub Scout son. I do not want to imagine a world where these boys will be deprived of what their great grandfather, grandfather, and parents gained in character, citizenship, and fitness. My volunteer service on the unit, council, and territory level continues, because I want Scouting to claim a future as meaningful as its past.

Submitted by: Paul Moore of Edmond, OK