Sharing Lifetime Values

Since joining a Cub Scout den and pack in a small town (Ohio) to District Commissioner and also District Chairman of one of largest districts and councils in the United States, the opportunity to learn so many skills (well beyond public schooling), to share my experience with young boys to adult leaders, and uphold the Scout Oath and Scout Law every day is second only to my strong faith in God. Our family has actively supported Scouting for over 40 years in many leadership roles (in addition to 15 years as a youth), because the strong values of this volunteer organization have been invaluable to helping others to become the best persons and leaders that they can be. Camping and preparing for life with my Eagle Scout son, grandson as well as myself has also been fun. Long time fellowship with other Scouts and Scouters would not have been possible without my supportive and patient wife of over 48 years.

Submitted by: Russell Ridgway of Houston