What Research Shows About the Strengths of Scouting

Acting in recognition of a need. Going beyond basic obligations. Freely donating time, effort and talent. That’s what Scouts do. It’s the spirit that inspired the pack leaders who guided us when we were younger, from Cubs to Eagles. And it’s the spirit that’s now driving us to save Scouting as we know it.

In this time of extraordinary challenges, Why Scouting Matters is a grassroots movement of Scouting volunteers who’ve come together to amplify the significant, positive impact Scouting can have on thousands of potential Scouts and their families.

In fact, independent research conducted by Baylor University confirmed this impact and identified a number of qualities that are fostered by the Scouting movement. The nationwide scientific study found that Eagle Scouts are more likely to:

  • Have high levels of planning and preparation skills
  • Be in a leadership position at their place of employment or local community
  • Report having closer relationships with family and friends
  • Volunteer for religious and nonreligious organizations
  • Donate money to charitable groups
  • Work with others to improve their neighborhoods

You don’t have to be an Eagle Scout to understand how extraordinary these qualities are — and how important they are for our nation, today and in the future. You also know that these values get sparked to life right from the start of the Scouting experience.

And that happens because of volunteers like you who step up to lead, from year to year, from Scout to Scout.

Help keep the spirit of this historic organization alive for generations to come. Let’s save Scouting, together.