Your Scoutmaster will Introduce you to New Things

My Scoutmaster liked to canoe with his friends. He was very serious about it and recently shared with me that he had canoed over 15,000 miles after he was done being a Scoutmaster and started keeping track. He organized several week-long river canoeing trips with our Troop. We all learned how to canoe and had adventures we never would have had if it were not for Scouting. Scouting introduces youth to all kinds of experiences that help them grow, makes their life more fulfilling, create life-long memories, and adds to their list of skills. Canoeing was only example for me.

Before Corona, I did some recruiting at a middle school. I asked them about whether they had done 4 activities that Scouts from my Troop had done all in one week at Summer Camp. I asked them to stand if they had done those things before. Each question got less than 10-15% of the kids to stand up. Scouting introduces you to things that enrich your life that you won’t do in your entire lifetime if you don’t do them in Scouting. You will then do a lot of these things on your own because you did them in Scouting and your life will be better as a result. The interesting thing is that when you ask the kids to stand if they WANT to do the same list of things, a lot more of them stand up.

Submitted by: David Wille of Oak Creek, Wisconsin