Development of Leadership

When I was 17, I worked in the kitchen at the Los Valley Scout Reservation. I was a 17 yo Eagle Scout and that kitchen was my responsibility as the lead boy cook for that kitchen. The first meal of the summer season (summer 1982) a lot of troops from my district were there including my own. So I though I would have an easy week, boy was I wrong. That first breakfast we were running behind and as a result breakfast was late. I thought no big deal, my Scoutmaster (my Dad) will understand. I was wrong. That day he was my Scoutmaster, not my Dad, who was responsible for making sure 50 kids got to their activities on time. He tore me a new one in front of my staff and all of my friends from the other troops from our district. I learned a valuable leadership lesson that day. When it is your responsibility to accomplish a mission, you accomplish it on time and perfectly executed, no excuses. We were never late again all summer.

Robert Wise
Eagle Scout Class 1979

Submitted by: Robert Wise of Coronado