My Road to Eagle

My road to Eagle scout was very different and tuff.  I grew up in foster care moving from home to home. I moved to 40 foster homes, and the only structure I had was Scouting.  It was like my family.  If Scouting is removed I fear most other kids in my position will not have anything to express their feelings, or have a chance to interact with friends and other peers their own age and learn basic life skills.  If it wasn’t for Scouting I would not have learned anything about cooking, knot tying, social skills and other basic life skills.  Please don’t let the program end.  Give a child like me a chance.  Scouting was the reason why I didn’t end up a social outcast and learned to live on my own.  Take a program like this away and I can guarantee that you will see a big increase in kids back on the streets in gangs.  Earning Eagle Scout was the best thing I ever had; a chance to get it gave me hope and even got me many jobs.  Please don’t end the program.  Let kids have a voice.  I’m trying to give a voice for those who don’t have a voice.  I currently work with Camp Greenough Scout Reservation.  Please save Scouting.

Submitted by: George Grant of Hyannis