Scouting for all

I attended Webelos Weekend at Camp Tahosa in May of 2015. One of the leaders told us that as the adults we needed to bring Scouting to the kids, not kids to Scouting. I did not understand the true meaning of this for many years.
Scouting is not about getting kids involved, it’s about involving the kids that want to be there. They will pull in others. When you see one struggling understand why, find another scout that can connect with them.
If it weren’t for Scouting, my son who has autism wouldn’t have the skills that he has, wouldn’t have the friends that he has and wouldn’t have a common interest to share with anyone that he meets. He won’t tell you he’s an Eagle Scout, he is too humble for that.
Scouting helped me connect with my son. Scouting helped my son understand goals and achievements. Scouting taught him the skilled he needs.
We see and create many heroes in our life but I would rather be stuck deep in the forest with a van full of Scouts than a bus full of professional athletes. My hero is my Eagle 🦅 Scout!

Submitted by: Mike Boetel of Parker CO