2021 is My 30 year Eagle Scout Anniversary

I became an Eagle Scout in 1991. This year marks 30 years since I reached the rank of Eagle. My son will have the first workday for his Eagle project in 2 weeks and will likely become an Eagle this year, 30 years after his father. While my Scouting story is a little different from his, we both share the same respect for the programs we received. I started my journey as a 6 grader from a broken home. Scouting was a very positive influence in my life. Teaching me life lessons, skills that I could continue to use. To be a leader and be led. To be a good steward of the gifts of nature and too help those that need assistance. It also kept me from doing things I shouldn’t do. Over time the love of the outdoors help lead me to my profession. My son began his journey as a Tiger with both parents serving as his leaders. Mom as den leader, and I as Cubmaster and now Scoutmaster. The time we’ve spent together in the past 9 years has been priceless. Scouting provided me the opportunity to learn and be a better person. Now I serve with the hope that others may someday feel as passionate about the positive influence Scouting was for them. In about 6 weeks, after my son’s workdays are complete, he an I will travel to Sea Base to spend a week on Big Munson with our friends and enjoy what Scouting continues to provide us….. Lessons and Memories.

Submitted by: Thomas Williams of Statesville, NC