All In for Scouting!

My Scouting journey began as a Bear Cub Scout. As so many do, I brought home a flyer from school, mom brought me to their greeting event, and it just took off from there. My parents modeled for me what it meant to be “all in” for Scouting, being leaders in my Pack, my Troop, and later even my Explorer Post. Mom was one of the first two female Vigil Honor recipients in our Lodge, and dad staffed two Woodbadge courses. They were absolutely and completely involved in Scouting.

With this demonstrated for me, I couldn’t help but do the same for my own kids. Both of my sons went through the program from Tiger on up into Scouts (my youngest is currently ASPL of his troop). My daughter joined Venturing the day of her 14th birthday, and a year later has helped found a troop for girls (which she is currently SPL of), and which my wife is now Scoutmaster over). I’m usually found Scouting multiple nights of the week, and multiple weekends each month…from Pack and Troop campouts to helping with District events and training. My mom even came out of “retirement” to act as the troop for girls’ new treasurer. Our family is absolutely “all in” for Scouting.

I firmly believe Scouting isn’t a hobby, or a club, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a way of living and giving back to the communities in which we live. I see it in the character of the youth I have helped bring up within the program. I see it in the comments parents make to me about how they are so glad they got their kids involved. I see it when I hear back from a school principal that one of my Scouts did a service project to help benefit their school, or the bench in the park with the plaque which reads “Eagle Project” on the back. The training in character, fitness, citizenship and leadership that we are giving today’s youth is needed more than ever, and those that see it working first hand realize its worth many times over.

Submitted by: Bob Cooper of Boise, ID